The Wing Collection

I wanted to add something different to my collections, so I needed a subject, something that would be easily defined, something iconic, something that petrolheads would relate to, so the Wing Collection was born.

It could be argued that my first piece in this collection doesn't really have a wing, more like a rear spoiler, (is that a spoiler alert, I'm not sure), but this car is certainly iconic for its aerodynamic additions, and sparked off body kits the world over.

The Ford Escort Mk2 RS 2000.

RS2000, Red Escort, Mk1 Escort, RS Alloys

I remember the storm that this car created when it was first released in the late 70s, yes I am that old. The front end was a revelation, which aided the aero on the car no end, all the way along the body to the new black rubberised foam rear spoiler, and that decal, RS 2000, immediately recognisable as a statement of intent. 

I wanted to keep the background as simple as possible, so that the focus would be on the car. To this end I used a green bank to draw the viewers eye to the RS logo, and as green is a complimentary colour to red, I put it directly behind the logo, and angled down towards it, so that it draws your eye into the car.

I love the reflection of the tail pipe, painting chrome is so much fun.

There is very little chrome on my second car in this series, but it shares the DNA of the first car, even if that DNA is pumped with steroids.

The Ford Escort RS Cosworth.

RS Cosworth, Blue Cossie, Cosworth rear wing

Again when this car was released it too caused a massive storm. The rear wing and blistered arches just suited each other so well, and it is so iconic that I just had to paint it for this collection.

Both pieces are framed with tray frames, and were exhibited for the first time at the Practical Classics Show recently, and got quite a lot of interest.

I have already started on two other cars for this series, another Ford, the Sierra RS 500 (it's definitely not just a Ford collection) and the Porsche 911 2.7 RS, both very iconic cars.

Images of the two above will soon be added to my website, and they are both for sale.