The VW collection, Dub be good to me

One piece above all others in my portfolio that has gained the most interest, is my painting of the Mk1 Golf GTi

Painted around a year ago, for my very first show, this piece has created lots of interest wherever it has been displayed. 

So you would be right to wonder why it has taken me so long to get around to painting other versions of this car or marque.

Well to be fair to me, my artistic life just got in the way, and I have also created a brand new collection of mirrored glass art, which was something I just had to explore.

The automotive glass art has been parked up for a while (pun intended) and will be revived later on when I have satisfied my Veedub urges.

My first Mk2 Gold GTi has now been completed, a car I lusted after as a younger man, and came so close to owning may years ago, but my love of fragile Italian cars won me over on the day. 

The Lancia Delta GTie has now been confined to the history books, and the rust bucket, and was definitely the wrong car of the two to purchase.

But I digress, here in all it's Germanic efficient beauty is my rendition of the Mk2 GTi.

This is such an iconic car and a modern classic that I just had to paint it anyway, and to be perfectly honest it has been close to the top of my to do list for a while.

I will be creating more pieces around these two cars, as I think VW lost their way a little after these two for a while, but there are details a plenty that can be painted, let alone each car in its standard colour offerings, Lhasa Green may be a trifle difficult, but I will rise to the challenge.

Back to the Mk1, and this piece just screamed at me to be painted as I love turning individual elements of a car into fine art.

This grill is iconic, in two, or as here in four headlight mode, it just has enormous road presence, and signifies an era and a model.


blue mk1 golf gti front grill

And if we are talking iconic Veedubs then what could signify the marque and the lifestyle, more than a Camper Van.

At home on the road or the beach, this piece just had to be painted on sunny sand, waiting for the surf to come in.


red and white vw campervan on the beach with sand and dunes and a blue sky in the sun

These pieces are 30cm x 80cm and comes with their own satin black tray frame and certificate of authenticity and I will happily hand deliver them to you anywhere in the UK.

So there you have the beginnings of my latest collection, keep watching for more Veedubs in the coming months.