Prescott research

Another one of the many motoring events up and down the country this year that I have signed up for is the Prescott Hillclimb.

A lovely venue in the Gloucester countryside, and I will be exhibiting there four times through the summer.

Having never attended the venue previously, I thought it best to go take a look, and get a look at the potential spots that I could erect my marquee to get best footfall.

It's not too far to travel, only around 1.5hrs, so all good on the weekend events, as we can drive back home each day.

It was the first round of the British Midland Hill Climb Championship, and there were some amazing race cars there, and some shall we say, unexpected vehicles.

There were some gorgeous single seaters.

single seater race car

A very special Chevron sportscar, previously owned by some very renown ex racers.

chevron sportscar racer

Two extremes of the racecar breed, a Lotus Elise and a very, very old Bugatti.

bugatti and a lotus

And erm, well, some cars I certainly did not expect to see, an Austin Allegro Racer.

Austin Allegro

I spoke to the organisers and reserved what I hope will be a good spot, just by the Clubhouse, so hopefully there will be a steady stream of punters through the day.

These will be the first shows that I have done outside, so I am hoping that the weather gods will look favourably on me the four times I am there, as I really don't fancy putting the marquee and artwork up in the rain, but fingers crossed.