Plans for 2023

Ok so here we go, wild ride #2, but more intense than 2022.

I have booked myself onto a signwriting course in January.


No, not that kind of sign writing, as lovely as it is.

But why I hear you ask?

Well I have an idea for a new artform which will grace any garage, petrol head cave, (notice I didn't say man cave), or room of your house to be honest.

Car Mirrors.

I'm going to call them "Car Mirrors", which I will leave you to ponder over for a while.


It’s so exciting to be thinking about what I can do with this. There will be a collection of pieces and yes there will be bespoke commissions available also.

Expect to see new works by the end of January, and as usual you will be the first to know about me new creations.

Look out for those on my website and at the shows I will be exhibiting at next year.

Car Shows.

Which leads me nicely into car shows and the single car show I did in 2022 at the NEC has really got me hooked.


I will naturally sign up for next years event in November, but there are several other events that I am very keen to get into.

As part of my standard events, almost a residency (haha if only) of shows, I will be exhibiting at eight of the Prescott Hillclimb events throughout the year.



This will give me great exposure and a regular spot at a regular venue, almost like a good old fashioned market stall if you will. There are several single day and weekend events through the season, so if you are there, pop in and say hi, it’s always great to chat.

To compliment these, I will also be attending the Goodwood Members Meeting in April, this will be a major event for me, as its one of the blue ribband car shows, and will be my first attendance, cant wait.


As mentioned there will also be the NEC Classic Motor Show in November, but an interesting diversion in that I am looking at attending Motorcycle Live at the NEC at the end of November.

This show is on for over a whole week, and two weekends, so motorcycle art will be required, which is great as I love to draw bikes.

Added to all of this, I am also looking at the Practical Classics Show at the NEC, the Goodwood Revival and CarFest.


One little show that I will be attending is the Kop Hill Climb in September, thanks to an invite from the organisers. Its not actually a race up the hill but more of a slow procession of classic cars or so I am told.

So, that’s 2023 sorted, well plus creating work for all of the above, and getting prints sorted and throw in a handful of commissions, and there you have it, exhausting, but exhilarating at the same time.

As I have said elsewhere, if you come and see me at any of the shows, just quote (whisper it) SLAA10, and I will happily give you 10% of the price of anything you purchase, from a print to a commission.

See you later.