One year old!!!

Yes folks Sterling Lee Auto Art is one year old this June, don't ask me the day I cant remember, but this month last year, I pivoted my figurative art and drove of to my new artistic horizon in a Lotus Elise S1 (the only time I have been able to get in one).

Loads of stops along the way in the shape of new websites and social media, a boot full of new works, car shows instead of art shows, of which I have just completed my 7th.

With commissions for classic cars, race cars, motorcycles, even the Spirit of Ecstasy.

I have been up and down the country attending shows and delivering paintings, exhibited at Goodwood and the NEC and many others.

I have even taken a diversion off this artistic highway into Automotive Glass Art, which has been a very interesting detour.

So, what does year two hold?

Well I will be returning to my first show, at the NEC this coming November 10th - 12th in the same location as last year, so come look me up, and I will also be at Goodwood for the second time in 5 months, exhibiting at the Revival.

This highly regarded event will be the highlight of my exhibition year, and I am exceedingly excited to be attending as an exhibitor, and actually being a part of what will make the show a great event for all of the visitors.

Making my return to the NEC Classic Motor Show for a second time is a momentous occasion for me, and will really be the start of the second year of my five year plan and I am really looking forward to attending this massive show.

There has been a lot of learning opportunities throughout my first year and all of this and more will be put to good use in year two.

Other destinations that I intend my artistic travels to take me are more high end none car related events such as the Badminton Horse Trials and the Chelsea Flower Show, as I want to fully broaden my artistic horizons and try to reach as diverse an audience as possible. This might completely fail, but I doubt it as there will be something I gain from each event.

More traditional events such as the Donnington Historic Festival, and the Silverstone Classic will also be on my lits of year 2 events.

This has been such a fantastic experience in my first year as a professional artist, and I am very excited indeed to be looking forward to year two.

I hope you can all stay with me for the ride.