New Collection just getting started

I have had an idea to create a collection of artworks on glass, with gold and silver leaf, for about four months now. These will include car manufacturers names and emblems, and the sign-writing course was taken to assist me with these works.

Well the training is now done, and I have spent a bunch of money on new brushes and paints, (both different to oils and acrylics), kit and glass to practice on, etc, and its finally all been delivered, so I need to get practicing and creating.

It’s all very exciting to have an idea and then put things in place to see it through, make it all come to fruition. There are obviously some bumps along the way, firstly it’s a lot harder than it looks painting words on glass back to front, but then again it doesn’t look easy in the first place, but I’m used to not making things easy for myself, and if it was, everyone would be doing it.

Added to this, I have been looking into treating the frames for these pieces with different finishes, and I am very excited to trial the ideas that I have. There is generally positive feedback from various suppliers, but I can’t let anything out just yet, you will have to tune in same time, same channel next month.

I will also be including motorcycle manufacturers in this work. I have worked out that with all of the car and bike brands that I could create work with, there are around 500 variations of name, background colour and frame finish that I could make, not to mention size variations, so there is an awful lot to go at.