Glass Art Taking Off

What a month for my new medium, my glass art went ballistic in April.

The Boys from Crewe image framed and on an easel

I had decided to create five pieces for the Goodwood meeting, which felt very doable, then a client called me up and ordered a new commissioned piece over the phone.

Never one to turn down a commission, I now had to create six pieces, and frame them all, the pressure was indeed on.

The new commission was to replicate the first Ferrari piece but have the Lamborghini emblem on it. This would be a very personal piece to the client, and a great idea, as the two pieces were destined to sit alongside each other.

All was well until I got to within an hour of completing the piece when I somehow managed to scratch the front pane of glass, disaster.

I had to scrap the glass, after all my hard work, and go to my glass supplier for a new piece, and start all over again, what a pain.

Raging Bull with gold leaf around it

A few very long days later, they were all complete, and looking amazing, if I say so myself, but it was touch and go, but more on that later.

The Stuttgart emblem

The Porsche piece turned out very well, and looked amazing when finished, this is definitely a piece I will create again.

Now that Goodwood is all done, I am planning another collection of five glass art pieces, which will be gilded with the finest Italian Gold Leaf, primarily for my Prescott hill climb events through the year, and my next Goodwood show, The Revival in September.