The year so far

So, we are well into the new year now, and I’m looking forward to this years show schedule, where I will be, which shows will require what art, what I need to produce for these shows, how I am going to interact with my client base, etc, etc you get the idea, a million things to plan and organise and do and think about.

So far this season I am currently booked into eight shows (see these here Sterling Lee Auto Art), starting in March at the NEC Practical Classic Show, a three day affair, which I am currently creating work for.

NEC Practical Classic Show

There are definitely three more that I want to do, these being the Goodwood Revival in September, the NEC Classic Motor Show in November for the second time, and the Motorcycle Live Show, again at the NEC the following week, and that lasts for nine days, which I am very excited about, as my new collection of works will have bikes included.

Since my last newsletter, I have completed two commissions, attended a sign-writing course, and finally Covid caught up with me. I guess dodging it for nearly 3 years was a good run, but I finally had my turn, and thankfully it didn’t have too much of an effect on me, other than I didn’t manage to get into my studio for a week.

My two commissions went well, two automotive related drawings with some figurative work included in both.



That’s all of the commissions I picked up from the Classic Motor Show at the NEC last November, and now its time to get back to creating my own works.