If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Ok, so this is an old adage from my Project Management days, but it's pretty self explanatory. 

The thing is I always seem to forget something, and that always comes from not planning things adequately.

Fortunately, I'm getting better at this as every show is a learning experience, and you get slicker and more confident as you progress through the year.

So, Goodwood Revival, the big one, the biggest show of the year is just around the corner, and I have to be ready and eager to get going before it, so exactly what needs to be done prior to the show?

First things first, as this will be a stay away show, as Goodwood is around 180 miles away, we have to get the accommodation booked, which is where my very capable assistant AJ (aka Mrs Edmunds) comes into her own.

This woman has a research gene in her DNA, anything at all that needs to be researched and AJ is on it. Finding the right place to stay, on it, not too far away from the venue, on it, somewhere to eat close by at the end of the day, on it.

The issue with anything related to a Goodwood event is that all of the best places get block booked months in advance by dedicated traders and event goers, so you (AJ) have to get creative, and she is yet to fail.

This year we stopped in a lovely apartment, only 10 miles from the event, with a cracking little restaurant a 2 minute walk away, and a Tesco Express below it, (other supermarket chains are available), so, digs sorted.

On to artwork.

As this is a themed event, with classic cars everywhere, I thought it best that I created another pre-1966 classic car piece, so I picked one of the all time well known classics, the Jaguar E-Type Series 1, and what a gorgeous car it was to paint.

dark blue E-Type Jaguar, parked up on a mountain road with hills in the background

Finished just in time for the show, I was able to frame it, get it to my printers to have it professionally photographed for prints, and get it back to pack it for transport.

Other classic artwork was a selection of Limited Edition prints of some of my best sellers, so the VW Campervan, Golf GTI Mk1 & 2 were also printed.

OK so the Golf's are termed modern classics, but I hoped no one would be checking.

These would also require framing and glass for the event, So 9 frames were ordered (3 off each) along with glass and mount and backing board and then all assembled and strung and signed and stamped.

Another checklist was constructed with every little thing added to it, and then checked off as we loaded my car.

Skoda Superb estate car fully loaded with artwork

One good thing about Goodwood, is that you don't have to build a marquee or booth of any kind, as they are all erected for you as they all have to look the same, so I have more room in my car for artwork.

So, there you have it, all of the above , and a million other things to do such as:

Send in Risk Assessments, advertise the fact that you will be there on your socials, buy your event costumes, make up event signage, get enough food for each day, etc etc

All that is then left to do is get down there, set up, and do the actual event, but more on that next month.

Goodwood revival outfit